As I become more aware of the wrongs that I accidentally and sometimes indirectly do to the planet and her inhabitants, I wonder how much closer I would be to being the change I wish to see, if I’d made more daily efforts over this past year towards being a greener gal.

With New Year’s approaching at great speed, and resolutions beginning to develop, I have decided to create a series I’m calling #GoneGreen2016 which will comprise of simple painless adjustments to our daily doings and suggestions for sustainable switches which will aid me individually and us as a community in living greener day-by-day.

Now ... normally I struggle with simple New Year's resolutions like "stop smoking when you're drunk" ... so 365 resolutions towards a greener existence are a good few hundred-and-some more than I would normally commit to, but I truly believe that awareness is the first step in personal progression of any kind, so perhaps it is better to call these "resolutions" a less daunting and slightly more inspiring "365 daily progressions in awareness". Either way, it is a commitment to know better and progressively do better for myself with hopes of inspiring a few others to adjust, with grace, towards a more sustainable self.

My plan is to post a list of seven eco objectives each Sunday to sum up a week's worth of simple, succinct suggestions for living more sustainably. Each post will provide you (and me) with a habit or product change, information on that adjustment including statistics on how the proposed change can positively impact our planet, as well as some ideas on how to translate this information to children (so they don’t form our bad habits).

Each post is intended to create a conversation and share - with honesty and vulnerability - the struggles and discoveries we all find as we stumble down the path towards being the change we wish to see in the world. It is by no means meant to cause stress or dissolution with the world. Just ideas and information formulated as lovingly as possible ... food for thought to be digested from day-to-day.

Feel free to use the hashtag (#GoneGreen2016) to share your ideas, solutions, questions and suggestions too. The series will commence, with all the delights of hangover happiness, on January 1st.

Wishing you all a Love and laughter filled year blessed with health and happiness!