When I talk about an ideal circular story in terms of design and production, it is somewhat of a unicorn quest. Though empathy is on the rise at the moment, there are very few brands who wholly consider the effects their creations have on the planet and her inhabitants, while also attempting to protect the artisan skills fast fashion has all but killed with its apathy and speed.

London-based designer Ümran Aysan is amongst those unicorn-esque few, choosing to root consciousness into the core of her collections with materials which can biodegrade from sustainably managed ecosystems, manufacturing slowly, carefully and transparently. While embellishing each design with the skill of traditional artisan crafts.

Just as a point of comparison, out of the 80 billion items of clothing are delivered out of factories annually worldwide, most are made in factories (for every brand you find on the high street or in malls like H&M, Topshop, Zara, Forever 21, Free People, Urban Outfitters, ect …) production time is limited to less than 5-15 minutes per garment, in a 12-hour work day, under stressful and unsafe conditions in which output very much dictates ones already lower than living wage. It's not made with love, or care, nor with the intention of long-term wear.

By choosing to create a brand which has empathy and humanity at the forefront of its foundations, Ümran Aysan sets an example to others that people over profit is a business model which works and is both wise and wonderful as well. 

You can checkout Ümran Aysan's entire collection, including the maxi dress pictured, HERE.


ÜMRAN AYSAN: Organic cotton, ethically made and biodegradable maxi dress which you can find online HERE

LEOTIE LOVELY: Eco-friendly upcycled vintage fabric clutch with organic YYK zipper, ethically made in London, UK. (currently on sale for £5-£15) HERE

VINTAGE HAND CARVED NECKLACE: I found mine in a charity shop in London, but there are similar ones on ebay HERE.
SPONSORED POST: Please note, I was gifted the dress pictured by Ümran Aysan and I charged a small sum for the time I spent researching, writing and photographing this post. Support like this keeps food in my belly and a roof over my head. I don't receive any editorial direction from brands, any opinions and storylines shared are mine (and Shane's).