Sponsorship: If you’re a brand producing through regenerative agriculture or upcycling / repurposing, or provide technology or services that aids in reversing global heating and climate breakdown please email holly@no-logo.co for my media kit and rates.

Writing: If you’re interested in having me write a guest post or article on your site, please email holly@no-logo.co for my rates.

Consultation: Need some help creating regenerative supply chains or planning a regenerative event Email hello@hollyrose.eco for my rates.

Speaking: If you are interested in hiring me to speak at your event, or give a talk on soil health, you can email holly@no-logo.co and my manager Elaine will get back to you with my rates.

** Please note, I will not speak on panels made up of only white people. If you need help finding BIPOC influencers and thought leaders, I am happy to send you suggestions xx